Deep Sea Fishing San Diego & San Diego Sports Fishing

Each year, more than 50 million Americans go on fishing trips. In sunny Southern California, especially, fishing can be one of the most exciting, yet relaxing, adventures out there..

San Diego residents, or anyone visiting the area, can enjoy a life-changing fishing excursion with Fin Runner Sport Fishing Charters. Working with professionals and true fishers, you'll be able to experience all the wonders of deep sea fishing San Diego has to offer.

The Fin Runner:

A custom-designed fishing boat built in 2013, the Fin Runner is everything you can hope for in a fishing boat. Specifically designed for deep sea fishing San Diego waters, the Fin Runner is equipped with all the latest radar, navigational, sonar, and telecommunications equipment necessary for your fishing trip.

Fishing Species:

San Diego sports fishing includes many different kinds of targeted species. If you partake in an offshore fishing trip, you'll be fishing for tuna, thresher shark, mako, striped marlin, dorado, and yellowtail.

Inshore fishing gives you some excellent options as well. White sea bass, yellowtail, halibut, lobster, rock fish, calico bass, sand bass, and ling cod are all inshore fishing species you will find on a fishing trip with Fin Runner Sport Fishing Charters.

Adventure Options:

There are a few options for sport fishers to enjoy. We offer personalized fishing trips for any San Diego sports fishing enthusiast, as well as a variety of others. Book a spot on one of our half-day trips in local waters or tours centered around full-day blue water fishing, spear fishing, in-harbor and offshore dolphin watching, and offshore whale watching.

What To Bring:

Fin Runner Sport provides a few necessary items for every fishing trip: Penn and AVET reels, lures and live bait, rigs, fish cleaning supplies, and drinking water. There are, however, a few items that you are responsible for bringing yourself: namely, a California fishing license (or a Mexican fishing license if going into Mexican waters), food and drinks, warm and dry clothes, and sun screen.

Fin Runner Sport Fishing Charters are a great getaway for any individual or family. These fishing adventures can be a life-changing experience for anyone!

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